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18 April 2019

Solving the compliance..

It’s never been more critical that your compliance approach meets regulatory requirements and stands ...
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16 April 2019

Saving time in the call..

Time, is one thing that nobody seems to have in this modern era – how many times have you ended up s ...
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15 April 2019

WorldStrides Case Study:..

Geomant's Desktop Connect offered an easy to deploy, high-quality, low-cost solution that let WorldS ...
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12 April 2019

Geomant is all set to attend..

  The PCC EMEA event is where key specialists within Avaya Business Partner networks and Avaya Subje ...
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10 April 2019

10 reasons why WhatsApp will..

 Organisations large and small are scrambling to keep up with the proliferation of communications ch ...
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9 April 2019

Virtual Assistant Housing Bot..

Another in our series of virtual assistant bot videos. This time we look at how Geomant bots can be ...
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5 April 2019

A Closer Look at How Customer..

The next five years will see great improvements in the field of customer service. It’s all thanks to ...
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4 April 2019

Geomant Acquires US-Based..

A major expansion that is set to create a new global Contact Centre and Digital Engagement powerhous ...
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1 April 2019

Microsoft Retail Day

A recent Microsoft event known as “the future shop”, was designed to provide a place where retailers ...
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22 March 2019

Desktop Connect Explainer..

Interested in knowing about the benefits of integrating CRM systems with Avaya? Our 2-minute explain ...
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22 March 2019

Watch the Buzzeasy Webinar..

We hosted a live webinar on Wednesday 30th January demonstrating Geomant's Buzzeasy orchestration pl ...
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22 March 2019

The Geomant guide to MiFID II

If you want to get a handle on this new regulation, the Geomant Guide to MiFID II details the requir ...
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22 March 2019

Accent Housing Case study

How can Housing Associations create a communications environment that will enable innovation and gro ...
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22 March 2019

Why Your Contact Centre Needs..

Wallboard is a great investment for any contact centre who wants to remain competitive. In this  eBo ...
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22 March 2019

Your guide to Chatbots in..

Your guide to Chatbots in Social Housing is perfect if you're thinking of implementing AI in a Housi ...
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14 March 2019

Effective KPI setting in the..

Download your complete guide to creating and measuring KPIs in the contact centre.
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14 March 2019

How to work out the ROI of..

As a customer, we have all been there: you place a call to resolve an issue you have with a service ...
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14 March 2019

A Geomant Summary of the..

The Evolution 2019 conference was created to address the rapidly evolving and changing online enviro ...
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8 March 2019

Zen Internet Case Study: See..

Zen Internet experienced rapid growth but with it came unpredictable spikes in call volume in their ...
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27 February 2019

Callback: The contact..

Greater competition and growing consumer power have eroded traditional product- and service-based di ...
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8 February 2019

10 tips for designing an..

What is a Wallboard?  Wallboards are a unique and powerful way to visually share imperative data abo ...
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1 February 2019

Customer Experience..

The UK insurance industry is growing. In 2016 it had over 111,000 direct employees and in 2017 saw t ...
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17 December 2018

Chatbot Summit, Berlin, 2018.

Geomant colleagues; Jimmy Lee, Peter Hóbor and Gustavo E. Perez, joined thousands of others last mon ...
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7 December 2018

Why should I integrate Avaya..

Legacy technology or lack of integration is stalling good customer service in some organisations, an ...
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28 November 2018

Call centre performance:..

Peter Drucker said, "you can't manage what you don't measure."
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27 November 2018

Extending Skype for Business..

To remain competitive, businesses must pay more attention than ever to the customer experience, putt ...
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21 November 2018

Geomant's workflow solution..

Geomant’s SAP-integrated workflow solution guarantees transparent, easy-to-use, efficient processes, ...
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12 November 2018

XIV. Országos..

 The customer service sector is constantly evolving and changing. This year, for the 14th time, the  ...
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2 November 2018

How to make customer..

Customer experience has fast become a top priority for businesses. Organisations recognise that toda ...
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9 October 2018

Avaya Experience, Budapest.

Avaya and Geomant have worked together since 2000, and since 2003 Geomant has been one of Avaya's to ...
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28 September 2018

Online customer experience..

Geomant’s Regional Manager for Hungary Adorján Bortnyák spoke at the Internet Hungary conference in ...
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25 September 2018

Going From Voice To Digital..

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18 September 2018

Regulation of the financial..

Written by: Wesley Kozera, Business Development Manager, Geomant.
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17 September 2018

Contact Expert, the..

The latest version of Contact Expert (Contact Expert 6.0) has been launched. In connection with this ...
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4 September 2018

Contact Centre Support – The..

About the Author: Hi, my name is Rhiannon Fae, and I have worked in the Unified Communications envir ...
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28 August 2018

Boost performance in the..

In the modern day, there are lots of ways you can boost performance in the contact centre; from roll ...
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20 August 2018

5 compelling reasons your..

What if you could always know exactly what’s going on in your contact centre? This is a question tha ...
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10 August 2018

On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based..

When Contact Centres, Service Desks and Customer Support departments are installing or upgrading the ...
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7 August 2018

The differences between..

Mostly, in the customer service industry the two terms "omnichannel customer service" and "multichan ...
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1 August 2018

Can intelligent..

Written by: Gustavo E Perez-Lopez, Head of AI Practice, Geomant. 
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31 July 2018

3 Contact Centre pain-points..

We all know how frustrating it can be when customers are routed to agents that might not have the ne ...
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26 July 2018

Microsoft Inspire 2018 Recap:..

Geomant's Managing Partner Viktor Gajodi, jetted off to Vegas last week to join thousands of others ...
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25 July 2018

Why AI and Chatbots are..

Written by: Gustavo E Perez-Lopez, Head of AI Practice, Geomant. A true story A friend of mine was a ...
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23 July 2018

Geomant answers the 5 most..

The biggest single operational cost for a contact centre is people and, despite the emergence of dig ...
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19 July 2018

Day 3 Microsoft Inspire:..

Microsoft kicked off the third day of its Inspire 2018 conference in Las Vegas this week with a keyn ...
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18 July 2018

Day two at Microsoft’s..

After yesterdays keynote speaker took to the stage, it was plain to see why the conference is so rig ...
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17 July 2018

Skype for Business to Teams:..

Having attended the Microsoft 365 Partner Pre-Day, Geomant representative Viktor Gajodi is ‘in the k ...
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13 July 2018

Supporting Winners: Accent..

Geomant customer Accent Housing take home ‘Best use of Technology’ award at this year’s Housing Asso ...
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12 July 2018

How much does a chatbot cost..

In our previous blog How to take those critical first steps towards implementing AI in the contact c ...
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5 July 2018

Geomant is delighted to..

Geomant’s aim is to empower organisations to provide an exceptional customer interaction experience, ...
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29 June 2018

Geomant’s AI Practice unveils..

Geomant has nearly 20 years’ experience delivering systems integration to businesses around the worl ...
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27 June 2018

Geomant wins Avaya "Project..

Geomant as a system integrator proved to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. Throughout the coope ...
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26 June 2018

10 things high performing..

Contact centres are a high-pressure environment for both agents and managers, so it’s no surprise th ...
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17 May 2018

How to take those critical..

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to computer algorithms that can be trained to learn from data an ...
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