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In the modern day, there are lots of ways you can boost performance in the contact centre; from rolling out a good motivational strategy to implementing new technologies. In this blog, we explore something both motivational and technological that's being rolled out across more and more businesses every day - digital signage.


What is digital signage?

Digital signage software takes all available data from multiple sources; assembles and delivers it, making it one of the best ways to communicate with agents as you can quickly and easily distribute messages at the right time and place. Also, importantly, you can display them in a way that is visually appealing as modern digital signage uses colourful, easy-to-read content, displaying it on screens for everyone in the contact centre to see. This corporate communication tech has become a popular topic of interest for businesses of all sizes. So, how can it be used to boost performance?


Improved communications, Improved culture.

Digital signage shouldn’t just be used for big company news or for when something's gone wrong - there are many ways to use the technology that can help with corporate communications, and in turn, help to improve company culture. For instance, real-time communications and notifications can be used for things like; live team updates and messages, corporate news, HR information, training sessions, games and competitions. This is important in terms of boosting performance as well-informed and entertained agents will be happier, more engaged and ultimately, more productive.


Social media integration will encourage employees to get more involved

The digital signage screens can display information from many sources such as the company’s extranet, or curated content from approved social media feeds. Creating custom hashtags for your office, you can build an active feed of posts, with live updates from your businesses Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts - meaning you can keep your team more connected. Also, many companies display daily encouraging messages and notable employee and company achievements which can have a powerful motivational effect.


Corporate branding and messaging can be controlled

To boost performance in a contact centre it's important that everyone feels part of a team; branding and visual identity are a big part of this as it gives everyone a consistent image to identify with and get behind. Deploying digital signage software means corporate branding and messaging can be controlled from a central location with the ability for permissions to be assigned to different departments or individuals - making it easy to strategically manage the visual identity within the call centre. What's more, any good software will include a drag-and-drop interface, built-in layout editor and multiple deployment methods so there’s no need to be a designer or have technical skills, it's simple to create professional, clear content that aligns with the wider company brand identity.


Visual messaging leads to greater retention

In terms of hardware, digital signage for corporate communications uses TV screens, video walls, mobile devices and more. Displays should be placed strategically in your call centre in locations where there is high employee traffic like; the company entrance, lunch room, break-room etc. It’s also a good way to reduce printing and logistic costs of static communications that may never be read. Studies indicate that visual messaging leads to greater retention than text-only communications, so it seems, digital signage really is the way forward.

In conclusion

Digital signage is more than just display. Developing intelligent contact centre digital signage helps you communicate with your agents more effectively, boosting performance and increasing productivity.

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