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The managed services market is growing phenomenally as business leaders search for professionals to help them accelerate their digital transformation projects. Experts predict this space will be worth around $731.08 billion by 2030 alone.

Unfortunately, with exceptional growth comes increased competition. As more vendors make their way into the marketplace, business leaders need to make their offerings stand out. Fortunately, there’s an excellent way to differentiate your brand, deliver fantastic value to your customers, and improve your chances of ongoing retention and loyalty.

Adding real-time and historical reporting to your service portfolio provides companies with insights into helpful information they can use to transform their companies and operations. It also helps you to highlight the value of your service consistently.

Why Enhance Your Offer with Wallboards?

Knowledge is power in any business landscape. The more a company learns about its processes, people, and customers, the more likely it is to achieve its goals.

For decades, companies have relied on access to essential metrics, reporting, and analytical tools to help them make intelligent decisions for short and long-term growth. However, historical reporting isn’t the only solution with value. As companies strive to adapt to the needs of their employees quickly and customers in a changing market, they need real-time intelligence to guide them.

Contact center wallboards, like those offered by Geomant, offer real-time and immediate overviews of the KPIs and metrics most essential to today’s business leaders. These customizable tools can assist businesses in pinpointing and rapidly resolving issues with productivity, customer experience, and efficiency on a granular level.

The only problem?

Many companies don’t know where to start when adding wallboard technology to their existing workflows. They assume integrating their reporting solutions with existing tools will be too complex, expensive, and time-consuming. That’s where managed service vendors can step in.

The Benefits of Wallboard Packages for End-Users

Adding a real-time reporting solution and customizable wallboard to your managed services offering is an excellent way to increase the value of your solution and identify yourself as a critical partner for your end-users. With Geomant’s Wallboard packages, you can deliver end-user benefits like:

  • Improved customer service: With real-time and historical insights into how the business influences customer sentiment and satisfaction levels, leaders can make decisions to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Better customer experience leads to better business results.
  • Enhance employee productivity: Wallboards can be customized to provide agents with the tools to monitor essential activity. Business leaders can use alerts to notify team members about the most relevant KPIs.
  • Boost employee engagement: Wallboards can also be a way to enhance employee experience and increase staff retention. Motivational messages for employees can help to keep team members on the same page and improve company culture.
  • Versatile deployment: Geomant wallboards can be deployed in the contact center as a remote agent desktop or as part of a management dashboard.
  • All-in-one insights: Leveraging RSS feed integration and data from popular tools like PowerBI, companies can create an all-in-one curated flow of knowledge for team members.

The Benefits of Wallboard Packages for Geomant Partners

As a managed service provider, delivering more benefits to your end user automatically leads to better results for you and your company. Geomant Wallboard packages provide vendors a convenient way to enhance their offerings with unique add-ons that companies need. Adding wallboards to your service offering means you can benefit from the following:

  • Differentiation: Stand out from the increasing competition in the managed service market by delivering unique value. Real-time reporting can help your customers grow, making you a more valuable partner for their teams.
  • Increase recurring revenue: Improve your chances of earning long-term subscriptions from loyal customers with performance management solution packages.
  • Short sales cycle: Quick and easy implementation and management mean you can increase your sales potential without spending excessive time and effort on your evolution.
  • Expanded presence: Increase your presence with your customer, opening doors to additional buying opportunities and growth. You can scale your solution to suit the changing needs of your customers as they evolve.

Contact Geomant today to learn about new easy-to-quote dashboard and wallboard packaged solutions.

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