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9 May 2019

Compliance Recording Uncovered: 7 Things You Should Know to Keep Pace with Financial Services Regulations

By: Verint Verba

When was the last time you evaluated your compliance recording strategy?

If you belong to a financial services business obliged to implement call recording and communication capture technology for compliance purposes, it’s time to respond to a new reality driven by the latest regulations.

This involves more channels than ever before and a broadened scope of interactions: from voice streams, text, video, screen activities to content-sharing. These communications not only involve traditional platforms but new entrants in the market such as proliferating digital collaboration and messaging tools.

At the same time, increasing regulatory demands drive organisations to augment communication capture with AI, automation, machine learning and other emerging technologies to create a data-driven enterprise and sustain compliance adherence across all forms of interaction—from the trading desk to the back office.

In the following article, our friends over at Verint Verba give you solid and actionable advice on how you can leverage call recording to manage the increased complexity and volatility of today’s regulatory space and future-proof your regulatory technology investments.

Here’s what they'll dive into in this article:

  • What are the main market drivers and regulatory trends behind enterprise compliance capture?
  • What is compliance recording and what role does it play in enabling financial trading compliance?
  • How to augment call recording with speech technology and analytics to make sense of unstructured data?
  • What are the challenges in recording the trader voice environments?
  • How can capturing data from new collaboration tools and messaging platforms make or break your compliance efforts?
  • How to add an assurance layer to your recording system to verify if call records are properly captured and at the required quality?
  • How to protect and enrich existing technology investments through open architecture, integrations and by deploying in the cloud?

Now let’s look at how you can go about getting compliance recording right.

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