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26 October 2022

Don’t Dread the Callback: Manage Them the Right Way

By: Geomant

Few things are more frustrating for today’s customers than waiting on hold for someone to answer their questions or solve an issue. In today’s fast-paced world, most of your clients don’t have time to sit around listening to hold music (no matter how catchy it is).

Over 30% of customers believe customer service agents should be able to respond to calls immediately, with absolutely no hold time. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to deliver the instant responses your clients need, mainly when service demand levels are high.

The good news? There is an alternative which we refer to as the callback. A callback solution allows your customer to put down the phone and carry on with their day while giving your agents the freedom to get back in touch when they’re available.

Adding this layer of customer service to your CX mix could significantly improve customer satisfaction levels and take some strain off your employees. The key is learning how to leverage this offering the right way.

Why Companies Need a Callback Service

While most customers are unwilling to wait on hold for longer than a minute or two in today’s chaotic world, they’re more than happy to embrace the callback option. One survey found that 63% preferred being offered a callback option as opposed to simply waiting for an agent to be available.

Customer callback services use IVR technology to automatically re-dial a phone number when an agent becomes available. This means your customers don’t have to wait as long on hold, so they can focus on other parts of their busy day while anticipating a customer service call.

Callback solutions can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer effort (and therefore increase loyalty)
  • Reduce the number of abandoned calls in a queue
  • Shorten call queues
  • Minimize strain on your CX agents

Unfortunately, while callback tools are often perfect for boosting customer experience, they can often seem challenging to implement and manage. For instance, a traditional, automated callback option might send your customer to the next person available to take a call rather than the most appropriate staff member.

Enter agent-set callback.

The Power of Agent-Set Callback

An agent-set callback solution, like the service offered by Geomant, gives your agents more control over the callback experience. The solution waits for the assigned agent in a call queue to become available to receive a call. Agents can own the scheduled callback, meaning the customer has a better chance of connecting with staff members who possess the most relevant skills.

This is an alternative solution to the traditional callback strategy, which places the call in a queue to be distributed to any available agent. The conventional method may result in customer frustration if the customer needs to be transferred after just a few moments, starting the hold experience all over again.

Geomant’s Desktop Connect solution provides a highly intuitive interface where employees can keep track of omnichannel conversations and unlock click-to-dial functionality in seconds. The solution also comes with an agent-set callback and an agent queue dashboard, so employees can see which conversations they have waiting to be addressed.

With out-of-the-box screen pop technology leveraged from existing contact center tools, your agent can see all the information they need to know about a customer before they engage in a callback. This leads to more contextual and relevant conversations. It also allows agents to transfer a call with customer context and call history to another agent where necessary.

Make the Most of the Callback

As customer expectations continue to transform in the new digital world, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to ensure they’re offering the most streamlined service experience possible. Desktop Connect from Geomant provides a seamless “out of the box” solution that unifies leading contact center and CRM solutions. Desktop Connect integrates with Avaya Communication Manager, IP Office, and POM, as well as Cisco UCCE and UCCX. Supported CRM systems include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and ServiceNow. Geomant includes their Customer Activity Tracker (CAT) as a bundled CRM system option at no additional charge.

Within this environment, agents can take more ownership of the callback experience. At the same time, business leaders ensure the right calls continue to go through to the agents most equipped to handle the conversation. The result is a more synergized and informed team and happier customers who spend less time sitting on hold.

Today’s customers want more options from their customer service providers. With Geomant’s technology, you can take advantage of the latest CX tools without compromising on business performance.

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