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The rise of remote and anywhere working means that businesses need a new way to keep teams productive, engaged, and aligned. Email inboxes are unreliable and slow, in-person meetings aren't always possible, and legacy technology fails to account for the reality of the digital worker. In an age where work is something that we do, not a place that we go to, UCaaS tools are at the heart of everything.

Microsoft Teams, one of the Magic Quadrant leaders for Gartner's assessment of 2020 UCaaS providers, takes collaboration and communication for teams to a new level. Boasting an incredible 115 million daily active users, today, Teams appeals to businesses of all sizes, from all backgrounds. Around 91 of the Fortune 100 companies currently use Microsoft Teams. 

For end-users, Microsoft Teams represents an opportunity for a truly unified communication system, where employees can work seamlessly with their colleagues from anywhere. For resellers and partners, the Microsoft Teams solution is a chance to unlock new levels of differentiation. With the right Microsoft package to add to your ecosystem, you can serve your clients with a tailor-made solution for user and customer experience. 

Why Reselling Microsoft Teams Makes Sense

Microsoft Teams is one of the world's leading team collaboration tools. According to Fortune Business Insights, this environment's market is set to reach a value of at least $18.30 billion by 2026. More than ever, companies are reliant on collaboration tools to keep teams connected and productive in a world outside of the office. 

However, there are countless collaboration systems available – so what makes Microsoft so special? 

The demand for Microsoft Teams has grown at an astronomical level in recent years, particularly during 2020. Studies reveal that Microsoft Teams usage grew by 894% from the start of lockdown in March 2020 to June 2020. 

Companies love Microsoft Teams for its ease-of-use and familiarity. The solution works naturally with the rest of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite – something that companies use all over the world. Teams comes with a range of features that appeal to businesses of all sizes, but there's plenty of room for resellers to add their own spin too. For instance, you could deliver extra security features specifically designed for regulated industries or unique recording functionality. 

Perhaps most importantly, Microsoft Teams isn't just a collaboration tool; it's the core of an entire UCaaS environment, featuring everything from video and audio conferencing to messaging and business voice. With Microsoft Teams, you can give your customers access to:

  • Incredible flexibility and scalability: With cloud technology, companies can scale their collaboration and communication strategies at a pace that suits them. Employees can work through the cloud without visiting the office, and companies can unlock new functionality whenever they need it. The demand for expensive on-site equipment and maintenance virtually disappears. 
  • Endless opportunities for digital transformation: Through a Microsoft Teams solution, you can give your customers easy access to the cloud. This could start with a cloud-based solution for meetings and collaboration and expand to include tools for business calling through Microsoft Teams direct routing, analytics, and even contact centers. 
  • A truly unified environment: Within the Microsoft ecosystem, your end-users can enjoy full access to everything from everyday productivity tools to email, business intelligence, calling, collaboration, and contact center systems in one. The communication environment can become a single pane of glass for productivity. This reduces the need for multiple app environments and improves the insights that companies can access from a single source of truth. 

Direct Routing Provider? Teams Contact Center is Perfect for You

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic solution for UCaaS in the modern marketplace. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer everything that businesses need for a complete communication stack out of the box. Microsoft's limitations regarding calling and phone features mean that most companies already turn to direct routing providers to connect their phone requirements with Teams. 

According to experts, 90% of the large companies using Microsoft Teams for telephony will rely on direct routing to connect their PSTN. But, what about if your direct routing customers want more from their Microsoft Teams experience?

Connecting UC and the Contact Center in a comprehensive environment gives today's companies a single pane of glass through which they can manage their entire communication strategy. Adding a Microsoft Teams Contact Center solution to your direct routing system means that you can go beyond supporting internal phone calls and voice communication. 

By adding contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams direct routing you:

  • Boost workplace productivity: Employees can access all of the tools they need for communication in the same familiar environment. Whether they're taking a call from a customer or a colleague, they'll have the same Microsoft Teams interface. 
  • Improve agent performance: Contact center technology within Microsoft Teams means that front-line agents can use a system that feels comfortable to provide service and support. They also have full access to Microsoft Teams' collaboration features to work on problems with the help of their colleagues. 
  • Improved analytics: With Microsoft Teams unified communications and contact center functionality combined, it's much easier to keep a close eye on a company's entire communication stack. Tracking call quality, performance, and even routing problems becomes much easier for business leaders and managed service providers. 

Cloud Solution Provider? Create an all-in-one environment

It's not just traditional communication and collaboration resellers that can benefit from adding Microsoft Teams to their portfolio. Cloud solution providers are constantly looking for ways to deliver new and transformational tools to businesses searching for digital growth. Microsoft Teams opens the door to a complete cloud environment for business communication and customer engagement. 

Cloud providers can offer Teams for communication and bolt-on contact center functionality, allowing companies to deliver better customer service through the cloud. Many companies are already shifting to the cloud to support things like customer information storage and management. With a cloud contact center solution for Microsoft Teams, you can create an all-in-one environment for customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Give your customers the freedom to connect their cloud-based CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to their Teams contact center for more relevant conversations. Use proactive reach to jump between channels for communication in the cloud and provide employees in any team with the freedom to work from anywhere. 

A contact center in Microsoft Teams even allows you to offer your customers more business continuity in the cloud. Not only will they be able to access customer information when their office environment isn't available, but they can provide agents with the same contact center tools they use in the office wherever they are. 

What about regulatory compliance? 

Anyone who sells Microsoft Teams to companies in regulated sectors will need to think carefully about those organizations' security, compliance, and privacy demands.

Teams recording offered through a fully managed and hosted solution gives business leaders access to all of the technology they need to manage and maintain secure recordings for compliance purposes. Cloud providers could even offer the option for teams to store their cloud recordings within their secure databases. 

Policy-Based Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

Why Geomant?

Microsoft Teams is an incredible tool for the current business landscape, but there are some gaps in the solution. The absence of full feature sets for business phone functionality, contact center performance, and even compliance recording means many opportunities for resellers to step in. With Geomant as your partner, you can access a host of excellent ways to upgrade and differentiate your offering as a reseller. 

Buzzeasy for Microsoft Teams from Geomant is a convenient solution for partners who want to help their end-users generate the best return on investment from the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Geomant follows the same approach as Microsoft Teams, with a cloud-centric multi-tenanted approach that meets reseller customers' demand. There's no need for excessive deployment investments and maintenance with Geomant as your Microsoft partner. Geomant's extensive contact center knowledge and long-term partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to build a system that truly complements the Teams infrastructure with various inbound and outbound communication channels. 

We can ensure that you have the tools you need to deliver a consistent experience for customers regardless of the channel they're using. Plus, we offer full access to differentiating benefits like:

  • Smart voice and digital routing: Help your end-users segment and prioritize their customers to send them to the right agent groups based on attributes collected in the customer journey. 
  • Proactive reach: Support companies in need of outbound communication opportunities to reach clients for potential sales. 
  • Extensive flexibility: Add in the connectors that your customers need to unlock the power of their preferred CRM systems and other tools within Microsoft Teams. 
  • Analytics: Show your end-users the full 360-degree customer journey regardless of how their clients choose to communicate. 
  • Advanced technology: Provide access to things like AI self-service and chatbots to take their customer service strategies to the next level.
  • Monitoring performance: Power BI reporting and analytics are available to help you monitor the performance of the full system for your end-user or give them useful insights. 

What's more, the Geomant solution for Microsoft Teams is built with an API-first focus, so you can adapt your offering to suit the individual needs of each customer. 

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Discover the Geomant Partner Program

In a world where companies rely more heavily on Microsoft Teams to form the heart of business operations, finding the right Teams contact center partner is essential for modern resellers. Geomant's partner program offers access to a complete tiered discount structure, with attractive margins designed to help you differentiate and grow. 

You can access sales and pre-sales assistance for every part of the purchasing journey, joint marketing funding, and marketing support to help you generate more leads and opportunities. We'll even assist with demonstrations too while giving you extensive access to the Geomant knowledgebase. 

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Teams and differentiate your reseller strategy. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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