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Mobility isn’t just a buzzword in the business landscape anymore. It’s an essential part of building an effective and efficient workforce. For years, smartphones and wireless devices have changed how we work and communicate, breaking the shackles keeping employees tied to their desks.

Now that flexible working is becoming increasingly common, tools and apps that support mobility are becoming crucial to teams. While embracing a world of mobile devices and apps might seem daunting, the evidence shows that mobility does pay dividends.

With the freedom to work from virtually any device with an internet connection, contact center employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive than ever. Here’s what you need to know about the power of mobility in the contact center and how you can unlock the benefits.

The Benefits of Contact Center Mobility

Bringing mobility to the contact center means providing employees with cloud-based apps, tools, and software they can access on various devices. This allows your team members to work from anywhere rather than being tied to a specific desk or screen.

The most obvious benefit of this approach is that it ensures today’s contact centers can adhere to rising demands for remote and flexible working. With the right mobile apps, business leaders can empower teams wherever they are, opening the door to a more agile workforce without compromising on compliance and security concerns.

Mobility has additional benefits as well, including:

  • More connected employees: With teams now working from various environments, keeping staff connected and aligned can be complex. A mobile approach ensures businesses can provide all their team members with the same insights, bridge the gaps between employees, and improve company culture.
  • Greater productivity and efficiency: When employees can use their preferred devices to complete contact center tasks, they’re more likely to excel in their roles. With the right cloud-based contact center software, mobile dashboards, and intelligent tools, businesses can increase workplace efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Improved engagement: The freedom to work from anywhere also increases employee happiness. Satisfied employees are more engaged at work, and higher employment levels contribute to better productivity and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Instant access to data: With powerful tools like mobile wallboards, companies and their contact center managers can keep track of valuable data in real-time, wherever they are. They can keep their finger on the pulse of employee performance, monitor important metrics, and pinpoint opportunities to improve business results.

Focusing on mobility ensures businesses can attract and retain a wider range of talented professionals for their teams. When employees can work from anywhere, the talent pool increases significantly. Many employees also see the promise of flexible work as a significant benefit to working with a company, which helps to reduce turnover.

How to Bring Mobility to the Contact Center

Bringing mobility into the contact center isn’t as complicated as it seems. The first step is making the transition to the cloud. With a CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform, companies can give their contact center agents access to all the tools they need to stay productive on the move, from a range of communication channels to IVR and recording tools.

It’s even possible to create unified cloud-based platforms that combine critical tools for call recording and analytics, CRM insights, and more with your existing contact center platform and productivity tools like Microsoft Teams.

The next step is finding ways to enhance every employee's mobile experience. Tools like Geomant’s Wallboard empower management teams with mobile access to valuable metrics and real-time data, allowing them to keep a pulse on the business from anywhere.

With these tools, employees and business supervisors can track their performance over time, increasing motivation levels and improving contact center metrics. Any business can rapidly propel its contact center into the new age of mobile work with a suitable mobile wallboard and a leading cloud contact center solution.

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