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With an incredible 115 million daily active users, there's no arguing with the popularity of Microsoft Teams. As the world continues to transform digitally, companies turn to MS Teams as a convenient way to streamline collaboration and communication.

But could Microsoft Teams be the answer to call center technology too?

By combining Unified Communication tools and Contact Center solutions on the same platform, companies could benefit from greater productivity, enhanced customer experience, and improved analytics. Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams isn't a dedicated solution for contact centers. 

Can Microsoft Teams Support Calling?

Out of the box, Microsoft Teams gives companies the ability to make VoIP calls. If you want to tap into more advanced features, like cloud call queues and auto attendants, you'd need to upgrade to a Microsoft Teams calling plan. However, even the calling plan solutions from Microsoft Teams are somewhat limited if you're looking to use it for customer communication.

Microsoft isn't a communications company, so you won't get the same communication capabilities from the brand you'd expect from an experienced UC brand. Fortunately, Microsoft doesn't require businesses to use it's native calling services for their phone system. You can combine your Teams experience with all the phone features you need through direct routing.

Direct routing is ideal for companies that want to leverage Microsoft Teams' unique benefits while still tapping into calling functionality. With Microsoft Teams direct routing, you can combine collaboration and unified communication in one space.

But, what about when you want to add contact center functionality too?

Building a Microsoft Teams Contact Center

Access to direct routing within Microsoft Teams doesn't just open the door for more business phone functionality. With support from the right company, you can even build an entire contact center within Microsoft Teams. Innovators like Geomant go beyond the basics of direct routing with Microsoft Teams to give you a fully combined UC and CCaaS solution.

A dedicated contact center solution like Geomant's Buzzeasy for Teams delivers all the standard features of an immersive contact center, combined with extra tools. For instance, you can link your contact center solution to other channels for omnichannel conversations, like SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Plus, companies can unlock transformative tools like:

  • Smart digital routing powered by AI
  • Proactive outreach through your customer's chosen channel
  • Easy channel management for email, voice, video, and social
  • Connections to critical apps like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce
  • 360-degree customer journey management
  • Self-service support with AI and bots
  • Performance monitoring with Power BI
  • Full customization options via APIs

An effective contact center for Microsoft Teams delivered through direct routing covers everything from self-service and chatbots in the new age of CX to voice and digital channel alignment. It's the ultimate way to get the most return on your investment into Microsoft 365.

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Bringing the Contact Centre to Microsoft Teams

Direct routing is a fantastic way for business leaders to extend the functionality of their Microsoft Teams investments. Companies can start by leveraging direct routing to connect their collaboration strategy with business phone functionality.

With support from the right software partner, you can even take your investment in Microsoft Teams to the next level, with all the advanced contact center features you need. Industry leaders like Geomant work with Microsoft to give you a sensational experience for your agents and customers. Plus, you get the benefit of back-end support from a communication market leader.

You can get the scalable and flexible contact center you need, complete with the convenient Microsoft Teams functionality that your agents want.

Plan the right path to your Microsoft Teams contact center.

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