26 June 2018

10 things high performing contact centre managers do every day

By: enquirylab

Contact centres are a high-pressure environment for both agents and managers, so it’s no surprise that staff turnover and training new agents are one of the biggest problems faced by call centre managers. Contact centres are the front line of the business and high staff attrition rates may negatively impact customer experience and will cause contact centre costs to rise. To ensure your operation is populated with happy, engaged agents delivering outstanding customer service, take a look through our list of 10 things that high-performing contact centre managers do every day.

    1. Communicate with your team. Set clear definitions for performance, ensure there are reporting structures in place and share metrics with the team.

    1. Provide the maximum amount of customer information to agents when they are outbound calling or taking an inbound call. This will aid swift call resolution, maximising profitability and boosting customer experience.

    1. Be available to take questions and feedback from your agents. They will face challenges all day, every day and may not speak up unless you are visible and available.

    1. Lead by example. Why not take over a call to deal with a particularly tricky customer or help solve a complex problem? This will help to boost the centre’s customer service and provide a great example to staff.

    1. Educate your agents. Customer service is directly linked with employee training and engagement, so schedule in time every day to help a new team member learn the ropes or share examples of exemplary query resolution.

    1. Furnish agents with the best technology that the budget can provide. IVR, ACD and system integration can start query resolution before an agent is even involved and ensure calls are routed to the correct department.

    1. Simplify the working environment. Yes, having all the information available to an agent at any given time is incredibly important but if they have to look at multiple screens or tabs to source it, the call will take longer, and the customer may have to repeat information.

    1. Develop reward schemes and positive development for those not making the grade. Metrics and reporting are built into Geomant’s call centre software, helping to drive employee engagement, so all you have to do is buy the doughnuts…

    1. Listen to agent feedback. Your agents are on the front line of the business, so they will be able to tell you if there is a trend of unhappy customers, and if there is a common reason why they are unhappy. Perhaps supply chain has been affected by a change in supplier – your team can flag this up first.

    1. Give agents the chance to grow. Make sure there are opportunities for agents to progress, or at the very least benchmark and track their own statistics. Doing the same job day in day out can be demotivating whatever the sector or environment, so offer the opportunity for progression where appropriate.

Why listen to Geomant? We are armed with nearly 20 years’ experience in contact centre software development and have a range of telephony CRM integration solutions, visual display boards and IVR products, all to ensure both staff and technology are working hard and in harmony.

Book a call with Geomant’s sales team and find out how we will help turn your contact centre into a hub of key information, quick call resolution and happy agents.

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