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As 2021 ends, we wanted to reflect on some of our favorite moments from the year. Come along with us as we count down the top 5 favorite Geomant Wallboards from 2021.

Coming in at #5…

Alert and request help

The condensed view that highlights data and alert messages for your agents from any location on their desktops or laptop screens. The most important metrics are integrated into this custom view to ensure both in-center and remote agents are able to work through (and improve) their specific benchmarks, and easily see alerts for any important notices.

Next up at #4…

GWB Boxes v2-1

This Geomant Wallboard view measures a variety of data points across varying departments allowing for an easy way to quickly monitor the most important contact center call queues. This type of layout supports decision making in real time, and can support healthy competition for agents.

Selected as #3…

Untitled design (2)-2The condensed, vertical Wallboard that fits snug in the corner of your agent’s desktop or laptop screen. With colors representing the nature of the metrics corresponding to the latest statistics the team needs to be aware of, this example gets right to the point with a branded screen to support agents in the hybrid workforce.

Making it’s way to #2…

GWB Digitial Signage hi-res

A Wallboard with a strong visual foundation reminding contact center team members of important notices while highlighting the analytics they need to be aware of throughout the day. Using some of our most valuable Geomant Wallboard tips, this ‘less is more’ example provides agents with the data they need without overwhelming or confusing visuals.

And the #1 Geomant Wallboard from 2021 is….(insert drumroll)

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

With a supportive message at the bottom of the screen that’s easily updated, this Wallboard brings together call center metrics across teams and channels and includes employee communication information. The messaging can switch over to alerts when needed and the visuals provide valuable updates and real-time insight into contact center operations.

Need help setting up the perfect wallboard for your team? Reach out today to learn more about how to customize a Geomant Wallboard to meet the needs and functionality of your business.

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