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21 August 2023

Preserving Compliance on Alternative Communication Channels

By: Geomant

Compliance has long been crucial for virtually every business and contact center. Whether you’re in a highly regulated sector like finance or healthcare, or you’re just running a standard retail business, you will have compliance standards you must adhere to.

While the exact regulations relevant to your company can vary depending on numerous factors, from your location to your chosen sector, data recording is a commonplace component of every effective strategy. Each conversation between your employees, agents, customers, business leaders, and partners must be captured and stored securely.

Unfortunately, collecting and managing this essential data has grown increasingly complex in recent years as the way we communicate has evolved. It’s not enough to just record the occasional call anymore. Businesses must ensure their compliance system spans their communication strategy and alternative channels.

The New Age of Communication Compliance

Failure to adhere to compliance regulations can seriously impact any business. Not only does it put you at risk of significant fines and legal issues, but a lack of compliance can also harm your brand reputation and damage relationships with your customers.

While many business leaders already have strategies for compliant recording, the expanding communication stack has often forced companies to mix and match solutions so that they can collect the correct data from every channel. This can lead to information silos, lost records, and security threats.

To thrive in today’s environment, businesses need an all-in-one solution capable of intelligently capturing data across every channel, from voice and video to SMS, IM, screen-sharing apps, and collaboration tools. Using the right compliance strategy doesn’t just eliminate major legal and data security concerns; it can also give businesses a strategic advantage.

The more information you can efficiently capture across channels, the more you can reduce the time and cost of handling your compliance strategy and leverage useful insights to make business decisions. It’s a win/win for everyone.

How to Update Your Compliance Standards

So, how do you ensure your compliance strategy can handle the evolving complexities of the modern communication stack? Simple, just:

  • Do your research: Determine which regulations and laws are relevant for your company based on your industry and location. Learn what data you need to capture and how it needs to be stored, monitored, and managed.
  • Assess your communication stack: List all communication channels you need to monitor, from VoIP and chat to traditional PBX calls, mobile voice and SMS, trading turrets, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • Find the right technology: Search for an intelligent call recording solution like Verint recording from Geomant, that integrates with your existing tools, mitigates risks and costs, and captures all information in a tamper-resistant archive.
  • Make the most of your tools: Leverage the features of a powerful compliance tool to capture everything from employee keystrokes to time stamps. Use natural language processing and AI to ensure accurate recordings and integrate your recording tools with real-time dashboards.
  • Monitor and evolve: Keep an eye on your compliance strategy, monitoring the quality of your data, quality management metrics, and employee adherence. As your communication strategy evolves, ensure your compliance tools can scale with you.

Staying Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Preserving compliance when new communication methods are becoming increasingly common can seem complex. However, with the right toolkit, you don’t have to run the risk of using multiple different recording and storage tools.

With Verint Call Recording from Geomant, you can ensure you comply with the latest industry standards by capturing information across every channel quickly and painlessly. Plus, the easy-to-use platform makes monitoring and optimizing your strategy easy over time.

Contact Geomant today to learn how we can help you stay ahead of the compliance curve.

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