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Customer expectations are evolving. Today’s customers want faster, more convenient, and more personalized interactions with companies and brands that fail to deliver at risk of losing all-important clients. However, while 88% of companies are now prioritizing customer experience in the contact center, many are still missing one crucial part of the puzzle: the agent experience.

Excellent employee experiences and memorable customer interactions go together. 85% of business leaders agree that engaged, empowered employees drive higher customer satisfaction. This suggests the path to a great CX strategy starts with an employee experience (EX) strategy.

So, how do companies ensure enabling and optimizing their workforce with the right experience? It starts with opening the lines of communication.

The Impact of Consistent Communication on EX and CX

Communication is at the heart of any successful business. Teams can’t collaborate, share knowledge effectively, or develop skills without successful communication. Whether your agents are at home or in the contact center, creating a direct line of communication that supports and empowers your teams without overwhelming them is essential.

Wallboards and agent desktops are one of the easiest ways to ensure agents have access to all the information they need to thrive. With the right wallboard solution, companies can provide their team members with an organized dashboard packed with inspirational messages, visual data insights, and best-practice guidance, all of which keep staff:

  • Engaged: With a wallboard showcasing inspirational and motivational messages, you can show team members you care about their well-being and eliminate feelings of isolation. Wallboards can even help distributed team members feel more connected to their peers.
  • Productive: Wallboards and agent desktops offer a fantastic way to provide agents with dynamic insights, guidance, and even training to help them perform more effectively at work. They can give next-best-action guidance, insights into performance metrics, and real-time views of crucial data to help teams make more intelligent decisions.
  • Efficient: A wallboard organizes all the information an agent needs to resolve customer problems quickly and efficiently. The best tools can integrate with your CRM to help agents deliver more personalized service and provide direct access to communication and collaboration tools without leading to data overload.
  • Motivated: With a wallboard or dashboard, companies can utilize gamification techniques, such as leaderboards and scoreboards, to get distributed team members invested in achieving their performance tactics and improving their benchmarks.
  • Successful: With opportunities for continued education, training, real-time guidance, and support, wallboards give agents more of the tools they need to be successful in their roles. This not only improves customer experience but also boosts employee retention rates.

Moreover, companies can create different dashboards for each employee group with the right wallboard technology. This means you can make the perfect workplace experience for both your in-office and remote employees while designing supervisor boards that provide managers and leaders with behind-the-scenes insights into EX and CX metrics.

Bridging the Communication Gap with Wallboards

Wallboards don’t just provide agents and supervisors with a birds-eye view of crucial metrics related to customer experience and satisfaction scores. They also act as a direct line of communication between your staff members, paving the way for better collaboration, productivity, and growth.

Used correctly, your wallboard can help bridge communication gaps in your business, improving employee experience, engagement, and retention. This boost to EX has a clear impact on your bottom line, leading to better customer journeys and fewer issues with customer service.

Great customer experiences start with excellent employee experiences; communication is vital to engaging your team. Discover how a Geomant wallboard can help you to connect, align, and empower your team members, wherever they are today.

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