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Adhering to stringent financial compliance regulations can be a real nightmare sometimes, but the Verint Verba solution, delivered by Geomant is positioned to support you on this journey. 

We are helping businesses tackle communication compliance, build assurance and improve oversight across leading unified communications, collaboration, trader voice and mobile platforms.

Deeply integrated with Cisco UC, Microsoft Skype for Business and other leading communications and collaboration platforms, the Verint Verba communication compliance and collaboration recording suite is designed to help businesses overcome the complex compliance challenges that they face every day. 

Financial institutions and other regulated industries worldwide need scalable and proven offerings spanning proactive communication governance, compliance recording, data retention, speech transcription and analytics, quality monitoring, recording assurance and advanced compliance investigation capabilities and at Geomant we can deliver them. 

Using Verint Verba, your business can easily control, capture, retain, retrieve and analyse a wide set of communications, for all regulated users, across a variety of channels, and provide proof of compliance that you are meeting regulatory demands.

If you are interested in our compliance solutions you can read more here:  https://www.geomant.com/end-user-solutions/compliance

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