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Just like countless other components of the technology world, digital signage has evolved drastically over the years. Today’s wallboards and contact center dashboards are a world away from the cluttered, complex, and often restrictive tools teams used years ago.

Modern companies can create highly intuitive, visually compelling, and engaging signage for their in-office and remote teams with the right wallboard provider.

We are no longer restricted to things like static images of outdated insights. Instead, wallboards can be instantaneously and consistently updated with all the latest information your employees need to thrive. They can provide teams with up-to-date insights into their customer service performance and keep users informed with critical operational messages.

A suitable wallboard is an excellent motivational tool, ideal for keeping staff aligned, on track, and focused on their day-to-day work.

5 Ways to Modernize Your Wallboard

Thanks to the rapid innovation of the wallboard landscape, today’s companies now have countless new ways to modernize their technology to suit their needs. You can adapt every wallboard to serve the team and add information according to their requirements.

Let's look at some of the best ways to bring your wallboard into the future.

1.      Link Social Media

More than 4.7 billion people now use some form of social media. We’re used to seeing information in status updates and newsfeeds, so why not take advantage of this fact when building your wallboard? Adding social media pages for your company can be an excellent way to keep your staff up to date on what’s happening within your business. It’s also a great strategy for companies who want to encourage employees to advocate for their brand and share their posts online!

2.      Incorporate Visuals

Today’s wallboards are dynamic tools capable of constantly updating and evolving to suit the needs of different users. A carousel of images or a video is a fantastic way to take advantage of your new ecosystem's dynamic capabilities. You can create collections of relevant videos designed to inspire and educate your team or use photos to connect distributed workers. Some companies even use images with motivational quotes to keep morale high.

3.      Dive into Data

Today's employees need access to up-to-date information and insights to deliver the best results for their team consistently. Fortunately, with a modern wallboard, you can present all the data your employees need in one easy-to-access environment. Not only can you provide instant access to real-time information, but you can also create different curated collections of information for specific team members. The right tools will update your insights automatically, so staff always feel on the right track. 

4.      Leverage Charts and Graphs

Statistics or heavy data can be hard to digest, especially when multi-tasking in a contact center. So why not make them easier on the eye? With a wallboard you can transform common data points into useful graphs and charts, which provide insight and access to relevant information. With these visual tools, it's much easier for staff members to track crucial insights. They can monitor their progress over time, pinpoint dips and increases in productivity, and watch the company accelerate toward its goals.

5.      Show your Colors

Beautiful wallboards don’t have to be just black and white. Splash a little color into the mix by adding your brand's shades to your wallboard design. You can even use color coding to make it easier for your employees to detect changes in metrics at a glance. For instance, red could highlight an emerging problem, while green draws attention to success.

With Geomant wallboards, you can quickly and easily create immersive, highly visual experiences suitable for any device designed to match your brand. Make sure to expand yourself beyond a boring and outdated wallboard design. Join the future of signage with modern wallboard!

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