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The best contact center technology will empower your agents to serve customers across a range of channels, using a streamlined environment where they can easily track contextual information or get support from their colleagues.  

Let’s explore how you can use your contact center technology to manage the holiday rush.  

Empower Your Agents with Omnichannel Communications 

To handle the chaos of the holiday season, companies need to be equipped to interact with customers on all channels. A comprehensive and optimized omnichannel contact center allows your agents to deliver the experiences customers are looking for without the stress.  

This type of platform is designed to align conversations with clients on multiple channels into a single space to deliver a consistent experience. Your agents can use an environment for service management they feel comfortable with (such as Microsoft Teams), without having to constantly jump between different apps. 

You can also automate access to systems like CRM technology and help desks to help employees find more of the information they need to support conversations with clients.   

Unlock New Innovations

Custom-built contact centers are flexible, scalable environments capable of adapting to suit your business. Investing in the latest disruptive tools for customer service is a great way to help your agents during the holidays.  

For instance, you may decide to integrate chatbots or virtual agents capable of responding to common customer queries on your agents’ behalf. This can be an excellent way to reduce agent stress and lower the number of queries coming through to human staff. You can also use bots to automate repetitive tasks like filing records and scheduling follow-up calls, enabling your team to focus on higher priorities.  

AI integrations can align with your analytics and reporting tools in the contact center to help you determine where you need to increase employee resources.  

Keep Employees Connected 

Contact centers work best when employees can connect with colleagues and specialists anytime and from anywhere they need to. A custom cloud contact center allows companies to build an extensive hybrid workforce with people who can share ideas and work together on problem resolution. 

Leveraging a platform, like Microsoft Teams, provides enhanced contact center functionality on top of a system your employees already use. This allows distributed staff members to all have access to the same information, apps, and tools no matter where they are. You can host video conferences, meetings, or allow your teams to chat with colleagues when they need extra support.  

Strong communication will reduce the risk of disengagement and feelings of isolation amongst team members, while improving your employees’ chances of solving customer issues on the first attempt.  

Ensure Agent Engagement 

Your contact center technology can also help to keep agents engaged and motivated, regardless of location. With access to customizable, interactive wallboards, leverage strategies like gamification to get your team excited about improving their metrics and achieving valuable goals.  

Digital dashboards and wallboards can show your agents important data such as CSAT scores or NPS ratings. These boards can also offer insights to supervisors into which of your team members need additional assistance or training. 

Your dashboard can send alerts to supervisors for barge-in or whisper functionality to support staff who are struggling with the stress of the holiday rush.  

Empower Ongoing Optimization

Cloud contact center technology can scale to suit your needs by managing peak demands during the holidays and scaling back to reduce expenses when demand subsides.  

This environment provides comprehensive analytics and reports giving visibility and insight to prepare for future spikes in the future. You can use your data to predict what the next holiday season might look like and use real-time information to guide staff during the rush 

Tools focused on priority or skills-based routing will ensure the right conversations reach the appropriate agents to improve the satisfaction and engagement of customers.  

Contact Center Tech Can Help This Holiday Season 

The holiday season can be a chaotic and rushed time for any business. The best way to ensure you’re ready for the increase in demand is to empower your business with access to the right technology.  

The correct contact center solution will align your workforce, inform your agents, and ensure your people have everything they need to continue delivering the same high-quality experiences all year round. Contact Geomant today to learn how we can help you handle the headaches of the holidays.

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