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As financial institutions embrace digital transformation and the move towards hybrid-working, they also need to elevate their compliance strategies to the next level. According to Thomson Reuter’s 2021 Cost of Compliance report, meeting regulatory compliance is a significant challenge, and –at more than $390bn paid by European and North American Banks in fines since 2009* – it’s one that carries significant financial risks. At a board level, the sheer volume of change is the No1 concern, while meeting regulatory expectations ranks third.

How can these challenges be mitigated?

Compliance with the regulatory requirements of today’s financial markets requires going beyond recording devices and interactions. Dubbed Human Compliance™, Verint’s new approach to financial compliance shifts the focus from technologies to the alignment of data around people, putting the employees – regardless of where they are, when they’re working and how they’re communicating – at the centre of an organisations’ compliance efforts.

Explore more in this fireside chat, where our experts from Verint, Geomant and Luware will discuss ways to achieve a proactive, risk-based compliance strategy that helps you find the gaps in your compliance data and achieve better compliance throughout your recording and surveillance activities. Join the webinar and learn about why it is crucial for organisations to:

  • Capture and clearly align data across all communication channels (including voice, IM, video and more)
  • Adopt a Human Compliance approach to understand regulated users’ behavior
  • Transform rapidly and align their compliance practices to the temporal change within their organisation.

*Source: Global Risk 2021: Building a Stronger, Healthier Bank; The Boston Consulting Group, May 2021


Kevin Ross
Director, Geomant

Kevin has a background in software development and customer service management. He established Geomant UK in 2005 and has overseen its evolution into a specialist systems integration and cloud solutions provider. Leveraging Geomant’s longstanding status as a global distributor of the Verint Financial Compliance (VFC) solution, Kevin led the creation of Geomant’s VFC Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, which was launched in 2018. Outside of work, Kevin can often be found running around the UK countryside (and sometimes overseas) with a compass, practising the sport of orienteering.

Phil Fry
VP – GTM Strategy Financial Compliance, Verint

Phil has over thirty years’ experience within the Financial Services Industry. 20 years at Deutsche Bank heading up the Global Voice Engineering, where he drove and implemented leading edge, innovative solutions for both Front & Back Office Voice Technologies as well as developing Regulatory and Compliance tools and automated assurance capabilities. Phil Is now leading the Go-to-Market strategy for Financial Compliance with Verint, with a remit to deliver differentiation to the market.

Alexander Grafetsberger
VP Product for Luware Recording and Executive Director, Luware UK

Alexander Grafetsberger has profound expertise in Compliance Recording with a strong focus on Microsoft technology and Teams in particular. He has in-depth understanding of the technology as well as customers’ specific business requirements thanks to his experience designing and deploying software solutions, leading customer projects, and managing a Professional Service Team.

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