­­Groceries, pharmacies, banking branches and other stores around the world need to keep operating throughout the global pandemic. Reducing the risk of infection in stores and in queues outside stores by using social distancing is a significant priority. Digital queuing technology is set to revolutionize queue management, making access to businesses safe and effective. Geomant has recently partnered with Linistry to offer a state-of-the-art digital queuing application that will help companies deliver outstanding service throughout these challenging times. 

About Geomant 

Geomant is a customer experience and contact center solution provider. With its Buzzeasy platform, Geomant offers an omnichannel communication on all the digital channels, voice, e-mail, chat and social media, to allow an effortless interaction between companies and their clients. For Geomant, partnering with Linistry and combining skillsets was a natural choice.  

About Linistry technology  

Linistry technology from Geomant can help get your business back up and running – safely and effectively, both for your staff and customers. With Linistry, customers can reserve their spot in the queue both on-site and offsite (from any location) and eliminate unnecessary in-person queuing.  

Available without downloading an application  

Unlike most digital queuing software, Linistry digital queuing is accessible without downloading an application; this offers customers a more inclusive experience that is simple, accessible, and easy-to-use. 

 How does it work?  

  •  Check-in remotely - A customer can check-in remotely to the same queue in which people are waiting on-site. The customer is informed about the expected wait time and is issued a digital ticket. An automated pre-notification SMS, chat, or email is sent before it is the customers’ turn, and the customer can then make their way safely to the premises.
  • Check-in while on-site - The customer can also check-in while on-site by walking to the location and registering, either independently or with staff. The same process then applies, the customer can walk away and be notified when it is nearly their turn. Staff can check ticket validity upon customers entering the service location.
  • Book an appointment - Customers can also book an appointment and arrive just in time for their slot. 


Benefit to businesses  

Linistry technology from Geomant can increase your customers’ satisfaction rates and help you grow your business during these challenging times and beyond. You can send personalized marketing materials on the digital ticket, conduct surveys at the end of any experience, and much more. Linistry offers a modern approach that helps to stay ahead of competitors with an easy to deploy, flexible, 100% cloud solution which can be set up in a couple of hours!   

Benefit to customers 

Eliminating waiting times will result in more satisfied customers and reduces the possibility of spreading viruses in crowded areas. The solution is eco-friendly, being one-hundred percent cloud-based, and customers will find it easy to access. All-in-all, Linistry from Geomant creates a safer and more pleasant experience for your customers.  

How can I find out more?  

Linistry digital queuing technology is available from Geomant and can be rapidly deployed. If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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