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Compliance officers must ensure their protocol and security knowledge is up-to-date before choosing a compliance solution for Microsoft Teams to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. Here is part 2 of our list of crucial questions that compliance officers should ask before choosing a compliance solution for Microsoft Teams.

6. Does the solution support enhanced security controls?

Security is a paramount compliance concern when it comes to your call recording platform. The data contained in it is invaluable and must be safeguarded, just like you would protect your bank account. To ensure top-notch security, make sure your solution provider offers features like multi-factor authentication, IP limitations, and multiple authentication vendor support (e.g., Azure AD, on-prem AD, and OKTA).

7. Does the solution allow you to share audio and video securely and compliantly without having to download and email conversations?

Sharing audio and video from recorded conversations can be risky for businesses, as it raises the specter of violating customer data privacy regulations and lawsuits. To ensure compliance, it is important to verify if your vendor uses cloud-powered encryption to securely share customer interactions. Simply downloading calls is not sufficient and a violation of compliance. You should opt for a platform that allows secure sharing of audio, video, and screen recordings via an encrypted link that only the authorized parties can access.

8. Can the solution unify and automate recording for capturing all Teams calls and meetings?

To ensure the utmost security and reliability, it's crucial to automate the process of capturing all communication in Teams, as is done for telephone conversations. This means going beyond the current user-controlled recording feature and opting for an alternative that provides automatic recording.

If you want to exploit all the communication modes in Teams, your recording solution must capture them all, regardless of what endpoint, operating system, or device is used. To be able to do this, you should only consider recording platforms that have been subjected to rigorous testing and fully certified by Microsoft.

9. Can this solution improve my analysts' efficiency through transcription and multi-language support?

Integrating compliance solutions creates a comprehensive financial compliance suite, combining analytics and surveillance capabilities. By analyzing the nuances of communications and integrating all relevant data points, compliance officers can identify anomalies and reduce false positives. To simplify the process, look for a solution with an intuitive interface, allowing you to manage the entire workflow holistically in a single-pane-of-glass. This includes external communications and gives you a clearer view of all data.

10. How do I reduce compliance complexity?

Efficiently managing compliance is becoming increasingly complicated for companies, especially as regulatory requirements shift, and communication channels diversify. It’s necessary to maintain profitability while complying with a slew of regulations from various governing bodies.

To minimize the complexity of compliance, it's essential to adopt a robust recording solution and demonstrate control over your infrastructure and processes. Choose a platform that evolves with emerging communication technologies, rising regulatory pressures, and the ongoing influence of COVID-19 to mitigate risk management challenges.

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