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There are plenty of reasons why Microsoft Teams has become one of the most popular communication and collaboration tools in the market. Today, the application is home to around 250 million monthly active users, all relying on the simplicity, reliability, and flexibility Teams offers.  

Perhaps one of the things making Microsoft Teams particularly exciting to today’s companies is how frequently the technology evolves and updates.  

As we begin the start of 2022, the Buzzeasy team wanted to highlight some of the most significant announcements and what that means for our customers.   

Chat and Collaboration Updates 

In today’s omnichannel, hybrid-working world, there’s a lot more to Microsoft Teams than just call features. Today’s professionals also love using Teams because it’s a chance to collaborate quickly and conveniently with team members from various environments.  

With Teams and Buzzeasy, you can even create the ultimate hybrid workplace for your contact center agents. Some of the updates to the meeting and collaboration features include: 

  • Microsoft Loop: Loop components in Teams chat enables users to create collaborative, live elements they can edit in the flow of their work. This new feature allows users to use inline message editing and avoid complex threads within chats. You can send messages with a loop component, like action items, a table, or a list, and have it co-authored by everyone who has access. 
  • Top hits: If you ever struggle with search functionality in Teams, you’re in luck. The new “Top Hits” solution means it’s easier to search for and find the information you need. The section can appear at the top of your auto-suggest results, gathering the most relevant results for your searches across different search domains, files, and channels, reducing the time spent searching through complex results. 
  • Updated search results: Speaking of making searching a little easier, the new search experience in Teams also makes it simpler to find messages, answers, and people. A redesigned page provides better context and results, with AI-powered relevance based on the content and people you generally engage within Teams.  

Upgrading Microsoft Teams Education 

Here at Buzzeasy, we understand different sectors and industries have individualized requirements for contact center functionality and collaboration. That’s why we always work hand-in-hand to help you create the perfect Teams environment for your contact center.  

Designing your solution for education-based customer service is going to be easier with the updated features for Teams education sector. Microsoft Teams announced the arrival of “Apps in Assignments”. This helps to ensure you can include links to content from other resource tools and learning solutions directly in a Teams assignment. We think this will be very helpful in educational environments where staff rely on many different devices and resources at once.  

The access to Apps from assignments enables whiteboard integration, giving students and educators a canvas to spark creativity and collaboration. Educators can now include a whiteboard as a resource or reference for their students when sending out an individual or group assignment.  

Want to learn more about how you can take full advantage of the latest features with Buzzeasy Contact Center for Microsoft Teams? Contact us today!  

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